Meghan Markle pressuring Prince Harry over relationship with King Charles

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There is reportedly a lot of pressure going around Prince Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family, and its seemingly being shared by Meghan Markle.

Claims and insights of this nature have been shared by royal author and commentator Tom Quinn.

He weighed in on everything during one of his most recent interviews with The Mirror. 

There, he began by admitting “Harry is under pressure to keep some sort of relationship with his family going if only for the sake of the couples’ new ventures.”

“Harry still has vague hopes that he will be forgiven and will be offered a minor role somewhere.”

Mr Quinn also referenced an exiled royal, Edward VIII in his chat with the outlet and said, "Even Edward VIII, after the abdication, was given a few minor roles. And Harry will be aware of that."

Regardless, “there’s a real danger that Harry will feel lost – just as Edward VIII felt lost when things had cooled with Mrs Simpson,” Mr Quinn added.

“That’s the point at which Harry will really make huge efforts to build bridges with his brother and be allowed to be the part-time Royal (with Meghan) that he wants to be. But if palace officials have their way, it will never happen,” he also added before signing off.