Meghan Markle's Suits airing called a mind-numbing experience

The decision to air Meghan Markle’s Suits again has just been called a mind-numbing experience

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Meghan Markles Suits airing called a mind-numbing experience
Meghan Markle's Suits airing called a mind-numbing experience

The recent move by BBC to air Meghan Markle’s show Suits has just been reduced to being nothing more than a a rather mind-numbing experience.

Royal commentator and expert Amanda Platell issued these claims and sentiments about Meghan Markle and her time on Suits.

For those unversed, all her claims have been shared in a piece for The Daily Mail.

In it she highlighted Meghan’s time on Suits and said, “Meghan does her valiant best but, as a reviewer commented when the BBC announced its scoop: ‘Beneath all the smart-a** dialogue there isn’t a lot of real depth’.”

“For me, she has all the dramatic nuance of something King Charles might plant to tackle climate change.”

After all, “she tries valiantly to convey, as Dorothy Parker put it, ‘The gamut of emotions from A to B’.”

The expert also went as far as to add, “If the Sussexes had stayed as senior working royals, the BBC would not have touched Suits with a barge pole: to screen it would have been tantamount to airing the final season of the Crown directly after the King’s Christmas message.”

But “I imagine on hearing this news at home in Montecito, Meghan must have been thrilled at what she will see as a piece of corporate, mainstream validation.”

But “I don’t agree,” because “The BBC merely wants to attract female viewers who are tired of endless sport on our terrestrial channels and are in need of a spot of mind-numbing, retro rogering in the stationery cupboard…”

Before concluding however, she also slipped in a sly jibe at the former royal and said, “having given myself an ice cream headache speed watching all 134 episodes, right up to the scene where Rachel Zane gets married, I can reveal that her highlights take just 12 minutes on Youtube. If you do actually have a life.”