Meghan Markle an unkind woman unable to forgo slights

Meghan Markle has just been called out for her apparent inability to showcase any kind of kindness

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Meghan Markle no forgiving humanitarian: ‘Cant even show kindness to family
Meghan Markle no forgiving humanitarian: ‘Can't even show kindness to family'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has just been put on blast for lacking basic kindness to her own family, despite preaching forgiveness to the world.

GB News host Ben Leo has issued these sentiments about the Duchess of Sussex.

He weighed in on everything by accusing Meghan Markle of being two faced and said, “Meghan Markle preaches compassion, humanity, being a good person, yet she's treated her father badly.”

“Yes, he's made mistakes. He made a massive one with those paparazzi pictures.”

“But if she was so compassionate and so forgiving and humanitarian, how amazing I am, she would have forgiven her father, buried the hatchet and had some sort of relationship with him,” he also added in the middle of his conversation with the host.

He also added, “You lead by example. You can't gallivant around the world building some fake brand on humanity when you treated your father that way. And the same thing goes for Harry and his family as well.”

All in all, in the eyes of Mr Leo, “They deserve each other and they shouldn't come back to England.”