Meghan Markle tells Prince Harry he'll regret reconciling with William, Kate

Meghan Markle still upset with Royal family for not apologizing to Prince Harry, source

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Meghan Markle tells Harry he’ll regret reconciling with William, Kate

Meghan Markle reportedly feels Prince Harry would regret his decision to reconcile with his estranged brother Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton.

According to OK! Magazine, the Duchess of Sussex wishes well for the Princess of Wales, who is battling an undisclosed form of cancer, but does not want to reconnect with her.

The royal tipster claimed Meghan thinks Harry is “making a big mistake” setting up a meeting with the Walses during his upcoming trip to the UK.

"Meghan knows she is facing a losing battle when it comes to Harry reaching out to Kate and William to try and sort through their differences, but she thinks he’s making a big mistake,” they said.

The insider said that Meghan “obviously feels sympathy for Kate and what she’s going through, but in her mind, it doesn’t change things.”

"[Meghan] wants her to make a full recovery and for the family to all be ok but four years on from leaving and she’s still upset by it all and can never fully forgive the royals for what they put her and Harry through and have never apologised."