Meghan Markle is orchestrating a mass migration of everyone in life

Meghan Markle has just been bashed for almost planning a major exodus

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Insights into the relationships the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been dipping into has been delivered by British socialite Lady Colin Campbell.

She weighed in on everything while sitting for an interview with GB News.

It’s come after the expert released her book titled, Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, Persecutors or Victims.

The book promises an inside scoop into the Sussexes’ “friends, relations, courtiers, and colleagues” on either side of the pond.

In her book she even goes as far as to call the couple’s US life a mass departure of people, something that can easily be called “the most unexpected royal story since King Edward VIII’s abdication.”

While referencing her findings she told GB News, “Meghan's unique attributes as a woman of colour would have actually enhanced the interests of the Commonwealth. Instead, the Queen went to her death thinking that the world believed the royal family were racist.”

Even now “In a lot of the Commonwealth countries, people felt that it was pretty unfair for them to be tarnishing all the British people with a racist brush.”

Afterall, “Nowadays, Britain is one of the most racially inclusive and welcoming societies on earth.”