Queen Camilla pitted against Meghan Markle as difference is ‘follow-through'

Camilla has just found herself being compared to Meghan Markle due to her overwhelming differences in follow-through

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Queen Camilla pitted against Meghan Markle as difference is ‘follow-through'

Queen Camilla has just found herself on the receiving end of some major comparisons with Meghan Markle given the hurdle of follow-through.

Daniela Elser, a royal commentator and expert issued these claims and observations.

She weighed in on everything during one of her most recent pieces for News.com.au.

In that piece she touched on the Queen’s most recent public engagement and how Meghan Markle would have been much better suited instead.

The topic began with Ms Elser saying, “You get the picture – the Queen is the unsung feminist hero we never knew we needed or actually, you know, had. I know, it’s hard to quite wrap your head around.”

“A septuagenarian most famous for her martial carryings-on with a future King and who has never earned independently earned a pay cheque in her life has become a loud, proud voice for women and girls.” (sic)

While Ms Elser admits that this evolution of the Queen might seem rather unlikely “yet here we are with a Queen who has put ending domestic abuse at the very centre of her agenda.”

But “Meghan? So much promise, so much good intent, so much sound and fury which has so far not exactly signified all that much.”

All in all while Ms Elser, doesn’t “mean to diminish this all as it is valuable, good work but it’s a question of scale, convening power and follow-through.”