Meghan Markle's latest move seen as ‘sordid attempt' to cash in on royal tradition

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have recently announced new Netflix shows

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Meghan Markle’s latest move seen as ‘sordid attempt’ to cash in on royal tradition  

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new Netflix show has left those at Kensington palace frowning.

The Sussexes are set to produce two shows as part of their $100 million deal with Netflix. Meghan’s show will focus on lifestyle things like cooking and gardening while Harry’s show is set to feature his favorite sport polo.

However, royal expert Tom Quinn says the polo show hasn’t gone down well with the royals.

"Harry and Meghan's appearance at a polo event where they were filming a new Netflix series has produced groans at Kensington Palace,” he said, per The Mirror.

"But no one is really surprised – Meghan's determination to make money as an internet entrepreneur was bound to end in what the senior royals see as a sordid attempt to make money from yet another royal tradition," he continued.

He explained Meghan’s PR team’s dilemma with Harry’s “limited” talents: "Brand Sussex's big problem has always been what to do with Harry with his very limited experience - his old-fashioned interests even more limited abilities don't easily lend themselves to commercial ventures.”

"He can't do the kind of smiley confident acting that Meghan is really good at so the couple have been desperately trying to find something they can make money from that fits with Harry's royal past,” he added.

"Polo is one of the few things he can do well – I spoke to him at several polo matches at Ham Polo Club near Richmond in London when he was in his early 20s and he is very good at it and knowledgeable so Netflix and polo could solve a big problem for Meghan and Harry – how to capitalise on something Harry can do that reminds people he's a Royal," he noted.

Concluding his analysis, Tom said, "Polo is perfect for this, but at Kensington Palace, using polo like this is seen as Harry moving one step further away from any hope of his returning to being a working Royal."