Prince Harry warned to stay away from UK if he's deported from the US

Prince Harry’s visa application under review by US federal judge after drug use claims

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Prince Harry warned to stay away from UK if he’s deported from the US

Prince Harry has been warned to stay away from the UK if he is deported from the UK after making bombshell claims about using drugs in his memoir Spare.

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, came under hot waters after he admitted to using drugs, including cocaine, in his explosive memoir following his move to America.

His claims led the authorities handing over his US visa application to a federal judge to determine if he was unfairly granted permission to reside in America, increasing his woes.

Sharing his two cents on the matter, broadcaster Michael Crick told the Duke of Sussex to go to New Zealand if he is expelled from the States.

He said on GB News, “This isn’t going to happen. And if it does, please don’t come back to Britain. Why don’t they go and live in a remote part of New Zealand along with Liz Truss?"

The expert went on to claim that it is highly unlikely that the US authorities will deport Harry, adding, “I cannot believe that everybody who has ever taken drugs is automatically expelled from the United States.”

“I’m sure there are well-paid and very expensive lawyers in America who would successfully argue the contrary case,” he continued.

“I’m all for treating everybody equally and if it is the case that everybody who ever confesses to taking any drugs in the past is automatically expelled from the United States, which I say I find surprising.

“If that is the case, then I suppose logic dictates that Harry should be expelled, but I just don’t believe it will ever happen.”