WATCH: Lufthansa aircraft abruptly lands, takes off in Los Angeles

Incident comes week after pilots raised flight safety alarm

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A video went viral on social media Wednesday in which a passenger plane was making a rough landing and then took off seconds later at the Los Angeles International Airport.

The video released by Airline Videos Live recorded the event live when the incident occurred as the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I touched down on the ground and then bounced back into the air taking off.

During the video, the commentator could be heard saying shocking reactions to the event calling the incident the “roughest landing, I think, we ever caught on our broadcast.”

Later the airplane successfully landed on the ground and was on the tarmac.

The incident comes just a week after Pilots in the US raised an alarm over flight safety issues as there had been several mid-air incidents.

The Allied Pilots Association said in a message on April 17: "While United Airlines is currently under public and government scrutiny, it could just as easily be American Airlines."

The union also urged its members to not be afraid of reporting any safety issues they may encounter and to resist any kind of intimidation.

"As the last link in the safety chain, our passengers and crew depend on us to be the strongest link in that chain," the message added.