Android users to get alerts during suspicious calls — thanks to Gemini Nano

Google gives its smallest language model a big intelligence boost

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Gemini Nano helps detect suspicious activity during calls. — Unsplash

Android users can kiss their scam call worries goodbye because Gemini Nano, Google's smallest language model, will now detect suspicious calls for you to help avoid them.

During its I/O 2024 keynote, the tech giant highlighted that Gemini Nano has received a significant intelligence upgrade.

The model's enhanced intelligence now enables it to assist users in identifying potential threats to their personal information, such as social security numbers and bank account details.

In a live demonstration, an unknown caller attempted to deceive the recipient into moving their bank funds to a "safe" location.

At this critical moment, Gemini Nano intervened to identify the call as a likely scam by issuing a notification emphasising that legitimate banks never request such actions to safeguard funds.

Gemini Nano intervenes to identify calls likely to be scam with notification. — X/@Google

According to WCCF Tech, Gemini Nano may prove to be the ideal best friend for users who may be overcome by fear and follow all the instructions of the scam call.

However, while the programme’s security can be reassuring, it can also make others uncomfortable as not everyone will be pleased to learn that an AI is listening in on your calls.

Fortunately, Gemini Nano runs locally on Android smartphones, so the data, it is believed, remains on the smartphone.

However, a WCCF Tech report says that it's uncertain as Google leverages tons of user data to improve the quality of its services, so it will likely use this information to continue to improve Gemini Nano.