WATCH: Elon Musk's Starship on stack ahead of fourth test flight

Musk's SpaceX prepares for fourth flight of Starship

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Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX is gearing up for Starship’s fourth test flight, possibly on June 5, at its Starbase in South Texas, after the three failed bids.

On its official account on X, Elon Musk’s firm posted a video of an all-powerful prepared ship, on its stack.

The FAA is probing the matter of ship failure. SpaceX also applied for the modification of the ship’s launch license but it is waiting for approval.

The 52-year-old billionaire aims that the 33 Raptor-engine spacecraft will take humans to Mars, after Nasa’s Artemis III mission.

Earlier this month, SpaceX conducted a static fire of Starship rocket Wednesday at its Starbase.

The $180-billion-worth aerospace firm conducts such tests ahead of its test.

There have been three earlier flights and the third one was regarded as a major success on March 14, as it lifted off from Boca Chica, Texas, and entered into space, however, its communication malfunctioned during reentry.

The 165-foot-tall (50 metres) Starship was constructed in 2019 and several of its prototypes have been.

Starship was constructed to take astronauts to the Moon under Nasa’s Artemis III mission. The Chief Engineer of SpaceX Musk has also set an aim to make the spacecraft reusable in the future.

Nasa is under contract with his firm worth $4.2 billion and over $1.8 billion has already been paid.