Britney Spears surrounded by ‘enablers' on a ‘downward spiral': Report

Britney Spears has her inner circle worried about her well-being

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Britney Spears has her inner circle worried about her well-being 

Britney Spears’ close pals are concerned for her well-being amid her new relationship with Paul Richard Soliz.

This comes after police were called to Chateau Marmont by people who witnessed an altercation between the couple.

"Britney’s been on a downward spiral for a while now,” a source told Star magazine.

“The disturbing scenario that happened at the Chateau Marmont mirrors what happened in 2008 when she was put under conservatorship. Clearly, things are escalating," the source remarked.

The source claimed that before that police were called, the duo "had been drinking at the hotel bar to the point where they were cut off from ordering more booze."

“They were loud and intoxicated, and guests were complaining about the noise," they claimed.

"Britney was obviously intoxicated and got hurt. She’s surrounded by enablers who aren’t looking after her either," the tipster added.

"When Britney likes a guy, his past doesn't come into the equation. She loves bad boys, they give her a thrill,” the tipster noted of her romance with ex-convict Soliz.

“She was in a celebratory mood. She twisted her ankle doing cartwheels. Someone called the paramedics and it became a big scene," they said of the Chateau Marmont drama.