Meghan Markle US politics entry would ‘make a great story'

Meghan Markle wants to be part of US politics

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Meghan Markle is seemingly headed towards US politics, it is revealed.

The Duchess of Sussex, who has famously had ambitions to go to the White House, would lead forward with her plans.

Speaking about the hearsay, politics expert Professor Christopher Phelps told MailOnline : "It would be a great story. The British prince who loved her so much he gave up his British citizenship to become an American. There would be no requirement for him to do it - but he would have to if she wanted to have any credibility."

Meghan Markle US politics entry would ‘make a great story

The source said: "She [Meghan] has her eyes on the prize," but a second insider scrutinised the move adding: "The buy-your-success thing is more suited as a Republican play. Meghan has political ambitions but like most celebrities or business people, they are not ready to put in the graft to get there. Maybe Oprah Winfrey could pull it off. But she's put in the hard yards in other ways. Meghan hasn't done anything."

This comes as her Suits co-star Erika Alexander claim that Meghan is "heading to the White House.”