US firm launches app allowing users to send messages posthumously

How does new app by Eternal Applications enable you to contact loved ones after death?

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Eternal Applications allows users to contact loved ones from beyond. — USA Today via Eternal Applications

When you think about receiving messages from the dead, psychic mediums performing séances is what would usually come to mind but, perhaps this is no longer the case.

Eternal Applications, a web hosting company based in Massachusetts, recently launched an "after-life messaging platform", allowing users to create personalised messages that will be delivered to family and friends after the users die.

It used an administrator system that notifies when a user has died so their messages can be queued up, Eternal Applications said in a news release, USA Today reported.

The firm aims to provide "peace of mind to users" who want their legacy, wisdom or life stories shared and remembered, according to the news release.

How does it work?

In the news release, the company revealed that users will be able to use "easy-to-use-text, video and audio tools" to record and send messages.

Then they can pick the recipient of the message, input that individual's contact information and pick a date they want the message to be delivered on, the company said. 

When the date arrives, Eternal Applications will send the recipient a link to a secure page where they'll be able to read, view or listen to the message and also download it to their phone, computer or tablet.

Chris Jalbert, founder of Eternal Applications, said: "Words fade over time, but by creating amessage your loved one gets to replay or reread as often as they want is priceless."