Prince Harry wants to be a beta male to wife Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is reportedly in line to become nothing more than a beta male

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Experts suspect Prince Harry is becoming a beta male in comparison to Meghan Markle.

All of this has been brought to light by royal commentator Andrew Pierce.

He broke everything down during one of his chats with Sarah Vine, during the latest episode of the Mail's YouTube show.

In the eyes of Mr Pierce, “It was very much [Meghan] showcasing herself and he was just sort of coming along for the ride,” when she was in Nigeria.

This comes mainly because Mr Pierce feels the tour was promoted to be more like a “presidential tour” where she “thinks she's got a potential career in democratic politics because that story broke a couple of years ago. And it felt like she was on campaign mode.”

In regards to Prince Harry and his bid to stay a few paces behind at most times, Mr Pierce said, “I mean, maybe that's what he wants in his life and it's perfectly possible that he just wants to be a beta male.”

This all came after Sarah Vine weighed in on how the Duchess has a dire need to “be the leading actor in her life” and thinks she’s “very much the protagonist, she's very much the star of the show and that's how she likes it.”