Tom Cruise loses major spot in L.A.'s Scientology community?

Tom Cruise has reportedly undergone a change of heart after Elsina Khayrova split

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Photo: Tom Cruise loses major spot in L.A.’s Scientology community?

Tom Cruise has reportedly lost his place in the Scientology Community in Los Angeles.

The acting sensation, who is considered an “anomaly” in Hollywood, is reportedly losing significance in his beloved community due to a reported change of heart. 

“Tom is only in L.A. every six months or so but he used to be such a huge presence among the church community at the church facilities and gatherings in Hollywood and in Los Feliz,” an insider close to the star recently dished In Touch Weekly.

The source also mentioned “that’s simply not the case now” as Tom prefers to contribute to the Florida community more.

“It’s clear he comes to L.A. when he has movie business stuff to attend to but if he needs to practice Scientology, he’s doing it out of Florida, if at all,” the source also remarked.

The insider also claimed that Tom doesn’t “relish spending his precious downtime with Los Angeles Scientologists” anymore.

Citing the reason for this, they added that most of his engagements are “mixed up in the entertainment business or still trying to ‘make it.’”

“He’s got bigger and better things to do. But it really takes the air out of the Scientology community in L.A. that was once his home base,” the source concluded.