David Harbor 'controls' wife Lily Allen's phone for THIS reason

Lily Allen shared in a recent interview how she and David Harbor 'control' each others' phone apps

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David Harbor controls wife Lily Allens phone for THIS reason
David Harbor 'controls' wife Lily Allen's phone for THIS reason 

David Harbour and Lily Allen have come up with a unique strategy to control screen time.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the singer shared that she and her Stranger Things star husband have a hold on each others’ phones.

“I now have a kids' phone called Pinwheel. It has no browsing capability and no social media, but you can still have Uber and Spotify. My husband is the caregiver on it, so he controls what I'm allowed to have as an app on my phone. I'm the controller of his as well,” she shared.

Insisting how smartphones have “destroyed” humanity, Lily added that she has also confiscated her daughters' smartphones after reading a study which claimed that children shouldn’t use them until they are 14.

“The creative side of my brain has been ruined by smartphones. I feel like everyone feels the same. I don't know anyone who can possibly say that the quality of their life is improved by the presence of a smartphone,” she explained.

Lily also shared her frustration with digital footprints and how someone’s past self can be used against them.

“I don't think, as human beings, that you're meant to share ideas and for them to be set in stone. We are meant to evolve as people. How are you meant to do that if you're always held to account by things that you've said in the past? I said that 20 years ago, when I was a completely different person. Don't hold me to that,” she said.