Kate Middleton secretly makes big decision amid cancer fight

Kate Middleton has made the decision amid reports the Princess of Wales may make surprise appearance at Trooping the Colour

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Kate Middleton secretly makes big decision amid cancer fight

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has made a big decision secretly after she stepped back from public-facing royal duties amid her cancer battle.

According to a report by Daily Mail Online, per Marie Claire, Kate Middleton has promoted her long-serving and much-loved stylist, Natasha Archer.

Natasha has been quietly promoted to the role of "senior private executive assistant."

The source told the Mail, “Natasha deserves this boost – she's unfailingly discreet and loyal to Kate. The salary boost will be welcome too. This appointment means we can expect to see Natasha by Kate's side for years to come.”

“It seems to be Kate's way of thanking her for her loyalty,” the insider further claimed.

Archer joined Kate Middleton’s team in 2007 after she was hired as a personal assistant.

Over time, Archer's role has expanded and according to claims she personally collected Kate Middleton from the London Clinic after her abdominal surgery earlier this year.

Natasha has been inseparable from the future queen in recent months, often assisting the princess as she travels to and from hospital appointments.