Dutch team sets new record of building world's longest bicycle

Bicycle measures at surprising 180 feet, 11 inches breaks numerous records set over past 60 years

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A man standing over worlds longest bicycle measuring 180 feet, 11 inches. — Guinness World Records/File
A man standing over world's longest bicycle measuring 180 feet, 11 inches. — Guinness World Records/File

Eight Dutch engineering enthusiasts teamed up together to build the world’s longest bicycle, which measures at a surprising 180 feet, 11 inches and surpasses the earlier record set in 2020 by Australian Bernie Ryan for a bicycle of 155 feet, 8 inches.

Though this brand-new record-shattering bicycle will not be very useful for daily use in cities, it is still ridable, reported Guinness World Records.

Ivan Schalk, a 39-year-old, led the team and had been planning to do this since he was a child.

He said: "I've been thinking about the idea for years. I once received a Guinness World Records book in which I came across this record."

Notably, over the past 60 years, this record has been broken numerous times, as per the reference book. In the form of a bicycle built in Cologne, Germany, measuring 8m (26ft 3in), it was first set in 1965.

People from various countries; including New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Australia, and two teams from the Netherlands make up the list of the past record holders.

Ivan embarked on this project in 2018 to fill his spare time with a history of building carnival floats.

He sought out team members at the local carnival in his home village of Prinsenbeek as he needed help to build the giant bicycle.

"Prinsenbeek is known for its volunteers and high technical employability," he said, adding: “You can hang out in front of the TV, but we're not like that here in Prinsenbeek. We have the technical knowledge and want to apply this knowledge to the maximum."