Ozzy Osbourne to give up on life amid Sharon's protection: Source

Sharon Osbourne announced the cancellation of Ozzy's Mad Monster Party, which was scheduled this month

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Photo: Ozzy Osbourne to give up on life amid Sharon’s protection: Source
Photo: Ozzy Osbourne to give up on life amid Sharon’s protection: Source

Sharon Osbourne is reportedly doing everything she can to breath life back into her husband Ozzy Osbourne.

As fans will be aware, the Black Sabbath singer has been battling Parkinson’s for ages now, and as per the latest findings of In Touch Weekly, Ozzy's condition implies that he is reaching the last stages of this uncurable disease.

A tipster told the outlet, “It’s a progressive disease.”

They also added, “Ozzy is doing everything he can to fight it and getting all the best treatments,” noting, “but there is no cure.”

“He’s put up a tremendous fight for decades, but he’s ready to give up,” they even claimed.

Speaking his resilient wife, Sharon, who has also battled against cancer, the insider dished, “Sharon’s trying to rebuild his will to go on, but people around them are beginning to brace for the worst.”

The insider went on to spill the beans on the recent Mad Monster Party cancellation, announced by Sharon earlier this month, “Things have taken a turn for the worse, and as always Sharon wants to protect him.”

“It’s such a short trip on a private jet for them to get from L.A. to Phoenix for the event, so it’s a terrible sign that he can’t even make that,” they concluded about the 75-year-old.