Tuesday Nov 25, 2014

Immigrants played key role in US development: Congresswoman Eddie Bernice

DALLAS: Member of US Congress Eddie Bernice Johnson said Americans made sacrifices to have human rights, civil liberty and freedom for their generations and now they have those rights.

"However, with sacrifices we still suffer discrimination. "I always said publicly to my other peers that you have still not come to accept a black president," she added.

She delivered the key note address at the 16th Annual Thanksgiving Celebrations and Awards night in Irving.

she said: “I saw many people had to go through same after 9/11 as we did. However, I love one thing very much which is our civil liberty because every one obeys the law."

"In the world map, US is still the best country." Congresswoman Johnson said she represents the dream of every American – Justice and liberty for all in their pursuit of happiness, and she fights for that relentlessly.

She said "immigrant community always played an important role in the development of US and today the United States is the US because of the immigrant community."

She also highlighted the need for events like this to bring people together regardless of their political, religious, racial or and social affiliation to build a safe, secure and a cohesive America.

The attendees represented by people of different faiths, races, political orientations and other uniqueness’s cheered on when Mike Ghouse, chair of the event asked. Whether you are Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Gay, Lesbian, Black, White, Native, Immigrant, Republican or Democrat, how many of you like to see your Congress person represent you with equal care and consideration? How many of you like to see your congress person treat you with dignity and respect regardless of who you are? Well here she is, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson.”

Congresswoman did the symbolic carving of the turkey while sharing the symbolism of thanksgiving – to count your blessings. For many of the immigrants it is an introduction to the American way of life.

Chef Ali prepared delicious vegetarian and non-veg meals with a fixing of thanksgiving delicacies.

Program organizer Chairmen America to gather Mike Ghouse said The purpose of celebrating this event is to thank God for helping us learn to accept, respect and appreciate each other's uniqueness and; give thanks for the blessed life we all enjoy in the United States of America.

It is to appreciate and recognize outstanding Americans for their volunteering efforts that make this great nation to move forward.

The following individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to building bridges in the communities – the title conferred upon all of them was “Pluralist” – meaning someone who respects the otherness of others. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson presented the awards

She said every society has heroes – that is men and women who have gone beyond their normal self to do good for the common good of the communities at large, and it is our responsibility as a society to acknowledge, cherish and honor therm.

The name of the award recipient are Raja Zahid A Khanzada Jang and Geo news group for Commitment to truth in Journalism”, community activist and leader for “Building Bridges.” Amina Rab, Anne Marie Weiss for “Bringing the DFW communities together.” Sante Char, for “Connecting the World Leaders.”