Monday Apr 29, 2013

PTI's 'passion' to overwhelm PML-N's 'profusion': Imran Khan

MURREE/ATTOCK: Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan says the upcoming polls would be a showdown between Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz‘s "profusion" and PTI’s "passion", Geo News reported.

“When those hereditary politicians grow old they launch their offspring, just like President Zardari whose son Bilawal, who cannot even speak Urdu, is flapping his wings to swoop upon Pakistan following his ancestors tradition”, said he addressing yet another rally here on Monday.

Speaking to a highly interactive crowd, he said peoples vote would decide the fate as well as the future of Pakistan.

“This time around the 'electoral match' was between the old school of thought and the new one. It’s young blood versus the old guard”, said he.

Later speaking to his voters in Attock, he said the PTI's "passion" would overwhelm PML-N's "profusion" on May 11.

The live wire of a politician, who is barnstorming these days, said on May 11, PTI would "bat" the hell out of "circus tigers."

Khan said on the evening on election day the sun would finally set on the outdated politics of falsehood.

"A great change will have come to Pakistan by the end of the polling day", said Khan.

Lamenting Pakistan's brain-drain, he promised high paying jobs for the educated youth in their hometowns.

Teasing his top rival, Mian Nawaz Sharif, he said I once again invite him (Nawaz) to a television debate over national issues.

He said I feel sorry for Nawaz as now he was not even able to gather a crowd with the help of Patwaris (government officials who keeps land ownership records and can forcibly mobilize rural folk to attend political rallies).