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Thursday Apr 24, 2014

Hamid Mir endorses brother’s claims of threats from ISI

KARACHI: Geo News senior anchorperson Hamid Mir, who was critically injured in an armed attack, said in his first statement after regaining consciousness that his programme ‘Capital Talk’ on Mama Qadeer Baloch’s long march to Islamabad had annoyed the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Amir Mir, senior journalist and brother of Hamid Mir, read out the statement before the media from outside the hospital here on Thursday.

"Men of some intelligence agency had come to my house, telling me that my name is on the hit-list," Amir Mir read out the text. "When I asked as to who had prepared the hit-list, the men gave no response."

Hamid Mir said he had told them that in the prevailing circumstance he had faced greatest threats from the ISI and they should convey this to their bosses.

The statement further said: “If any harm came to me or my family, the state actors and the incumbent government will be responsible.” Hamid Mir, however, added, ‘I had been receiving threats from both state and non-state actors’.

"I had informed in advance about the threats to the Geo’s administration, family members, close friends and companions. I had also pointed out the elements from whom I faced the threats."

Hamid Mir asked in the statement as to why no action was taken against the elements who had planted explosives beneath his car. "Why were these elements not exposed," he questioned.

“Despite a police report, no action was taken against the people who had attacked my children in Islamabad,” the statement added.

“My battle is the same that my father had fought ... My fight for the freedom of expression, rights of the small provinces and the rights of the people will continue till the last drop of blood and the last breath,” Hamid’s brother continued to read.

In the beginning of the statement, Hamid Mir thanked the people of Pakistan for the new life. “God, by saving my life, has proved that the rescuer is mightier than the attacker,” he added.

Hamid Mir had come under a fire attack by unknown armed men as his car drove out of Karachi airport on April 19 after his arrival here from Islamabad. Mir got critically injured as he received six bullets in the lower abdomen and legs.

He remains under treatment at a private hospital where his condition is showing gradual improvement.

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