Petrol price hike: Pakistanis lash out at govt on social media

October 16, 2021

Pakistanis share memes on Twitter, taking digs at the govt for increasing the price of petrol yet again

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Meme shared on social media.

Pakistanis woke up Saturday morning to find out that the Ministry of Finance had okayed a Rs10.49 per litre hike in the price of petrol. As expected, many took to social media to show their visceral disdain of the government's action.

Known for their biting wit and unmatched humour when it comes to memes, Pakistanis on Twitter lashed out at the government's decision to hike the price of petroleum products.

#PetrolPrice was trending on Twitter as the netizens vent their anger on social media.

Here are some memes that are doing the rounds on the internet:

Aysannot thinks that petrol stations are set to be the new spot for "expensive" dates, given the surge in prices of petroleum products.

Twitter user Irfan was livid at PTI supporters who were defending the government's decision to increase the price of petrol.

Saad Khan cautions people to go for bicycles before petrol becomes too expensive. "Buy [a] bicycle before it's too late. #PetrolPrice," he tweets.

Twitter handleiamhmmad1 shares an interesting collage on how the PTI-led government has been treating the government so far.

Farooq Behawal may have put a smile across hundreds of faces in these distressing times when he shared a "Theory of Devolution" meme, a satirical take on man's evolution--from a car to running with a tyre and calling it transport.

Twitter handle MemeiYat thinks Dogecoin and Bitcoin's surging prices have nothing on the petrol prices in Pakistan. He shares an interesting "Godzilla vs Kong" meme to make his point.

Tufail Ahmed thinks petrol has now become a weapon being used against the masses.

The increase in POL products was notified a day after the government hiked power tariff by Rs1.39 per unit which would come into effect from next month.

According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Finance, the price of kerosene oil has been increased by Rs10.95 per litre while light speed diesel has got costlier by Rs8.84 per litre.

“At present, oil prices have risen around $85 a barrel (Global Benchmark Brent) highest since October 2018,” reads the finance ministry notification.

It added that entire energy chain prices have witnessed a strong surge in the past couple of months due to higher demand for energy spots and supply bottlenecks.

In the current scenario, the ministry said, the government has absorbed the pressure and provided maximum relief to consumers by keeping Petroleum Levy and Sales Tax to a minimum. Therefore, prices worked out by OGRA have been approved.

The new prices of petroleum products will be effective from October 16 (today).

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