Bride marries another man after groom shows up drunk and late at ceremony

May 19, 2022

The bride's family told police that they were concerned the man's reckless and laid-back behaviour would continue in the future

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Brides and grooms arrive to take their wedding vows during a mass marriage ceremony, organized by a diamond merchant, in which 261 including six Muslim and three Christian couples took their wedding vows, in Surat, Gujarat December 23, 2018 — Reuters

A bride in India decided to marry another man after being angry with her groom, who kept drinking and dancing with friends and did not show up on time, India Times reported.

The incident occurred in the Churu district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. The family and friends of the groom were expected to be at the bride's residence around 9pm. However, the "baraat" was delayed for hours because of the groom's non-serious attitude.

As a result, the "mahurat," or auspicious moment for the wedding, was missed.

The bride and her family were furious and decided to break up with the groom. The groom and his relatives were then returned, and the woman was married off to someone else.

Following the event, the family of the groom filed a police report against the family of the bride.

The family of the bride told the police that they feared groom's irresponsible and careless behavior would continue in the future.

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