Adults find summer to be ‘most nostalgic time of year'

July 02, 2022

Poll reveals 39% of adults continue to eat ice cream, 53% of those surveyed were 77 and older

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Representative image. — AFP/File

A survey by OnePoll on behalf of I Love Ice Cream Cakes discovered that the average American feels like a child four times a week in the summer, with 54% agreeing that summer is the “most nostalgic time of year”.

Of the Americans surveyed, 55% said they try to relive their best childhood memories in the summer, mostly by eating ice cream.

That’s why parents mostly opt for ice cream with their kids to recreate their favourite summer memory more so than any other activity,according to Study Finds.

According to the poll, 39% of adults continue to eat ice cream, 53% of the people were 77 and older.

“Summer time desserts such as ice cream and ice cream cake are a shareable tradition that bridges generational gaps. No matter their age, 41% of adults recall their very first time biting into an ice cream cake,” said Kimberly O’Brien, spokesperson for I Love Ice Cream Cakes, in a statement.

“Our results show these sweets aren’t just for the kids, but also the kids at heart.”

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