iPhones plans to go waterproof, new Apple patent suggests

July 06, 2022

Apple users might be able to text in showers and rain

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro models in the colour “alpine green” are displayed at an Apple shop in Singapore March 18, 2022. — Reuters/File

Apple recently secured a new patent that may make iPhones waterproof and allow users to adjust touch sensitivity so that they are better able to access their phone screens in the rain.

Current iPhone models are water-resistant but it's still tricky texting with water drops on the screen.

With the new patent on the way, Apple plans to make iPhone screens easy to use during “a moisture exposure event”.

Apple may also allow the iPhone to adjust pressure sensitivity and react to taps on-screen when a certain force is applied, which will eliminate any pressure by water droplets.

The upcoming iPhones with this new patented technology could change the force of touch inputs depending if your finger is dry or wet.

"The electronic device can include a moisture detector capable of detecting an amount of moisture present at the protective cover, where when the amount of moisture is greater than a threshold amount, the processor determines a position of the touch event based on detection signals provided by the capacitance detector and the applied force detector," the patent filing describes.

Apple filed the new patent to develop water-resistant iPhones in March 2021 but the authority was granted in June this year.

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