Internet divided over bride's idea of asking guests to pay for food

August 09, 2022

Bride thinks of asking the guests to pay for food instead of giving gifts in order to spend less money on wedding

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As much as weddings are filled with love, fun and good food, they can also be very costly and can dent people's pockets.

However, this one bride-to-be has come up with an idea to save money by asking the guests to pay for the food.

In order to spend less amount of money on the wedding, the bride thought of asking the guests to pay for food instead of giving gifts, NDTV Food reported.

The bride took to Facebook and Reddit in search of an opinion about her plan and received mixed reactions from the social media users.

"Did anyone ask their guests to pay for their meals? Everything is so expensive at the moment. We're either going to postpone our October wedding, cancel the guest part or ask our guests to pay for their meals in lieu of gifts. I've sent the invites out so not sure how we'd go about it. Please help. I'm stressed and sad," the bride wrote on Reddit.

The post garnered different reactions and surprisingly, mostly in favour of the bride and some said that they also experienced a similar situation.

One of the users wrote: "Personally if I was asked to pay for my food within reason instead of a gift I would be really happy with that. So long as that was the understanding from the start. Some people just want to spend the day with their family and friends I see no issue with that."

"Exactly what I was going to say. Not a terrible deal if meals are in a reasonable price range and gifts aren't expected. I'd be okay with it," wrote another one.

One of the users wrote: "That's what my dad did at his wedding, on the invite it said no gifts but please pay for your meal."

However, there were some people who did not agree with the idea.

"They really should have the wedding they can afford. It's extremely tacky to ask guests to pay for their meals," expressed a user.

"I mean you can have a small potluck backyard wedding. I don't think it's cool to ask people to essentially pay a fee to attend a wedding venue though," one of the users wrote.

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