WATCH: Snakes can now walk after engineer gives them robot legs

August 17, 2022

Finally, someone cares enough to give the snakes their legs back, a viewer comments

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Snake with robot legs. — Screengrab via YouTube

In our childhood, we studied theories about the evolution of snakes where it was said they used to have legs. However, no one really imagined giving these reptiles their "legs back".

A YouTuber, Allen Pan, is gaining attention on social media for developing robot legs for a snake so it can walk.

Pan published a video on his channel where he gave details about the engineering technique.

He titled the video: "Giving snakes their legs back."

The content creator said that he wanted to show the world his love for snakes. His invention is now winning many hearts online.

Pan argued that it was important to give snakes the limbs that they lose before birth.

The video has garnered over 2.6 million views. Viewers have expressed their shock in the comment section. Some said that snakes never had legs.

A user said: "Finally, someone cares enough to give the snakes their legs back."

"This made me like snakes," said another. "She’s too adorable with her new built legs lol."

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