Prince Harry ‘widening rift’ with Royal Family with ‘incendiary allegation’

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August 17, 2022

Experts worry the Royal Family’s rift with Prince Harry is ‘widening’ now after ‘incendiary allegations’

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Prince Harry ‘widening rift’ with Royal Family with ‘incendiary allegation’

Prince Harry has just come under fire for ‘increasing’ his rift with the Royal Family through ‘incendiary allegations’ that have caused a stir of concern among royal experts.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti issued these shocking claims, only recently.

Mr Sacerdoti started off by accusing Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir of including “incendiary allegations” and voiced fears about how it might “further divide” the Royal Family.

He was quoted telling Express UK, “Obviously we don’t yet know what will be in the book.”

“But the Oprah interview showed that the couple aren’t afraid to make bold and serious allegations against the royal family, and there have been other things they’ve said which might have upset the family too.”

“It has been said these sorts of things have caused or widened a rift between them and the family, and that’s certainly the public perception.”

“It’s sad for the Queen and the royal family, and I think that is why fewer people in polls now like Prince Harry compared to some years back when he was far more popular.”

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