'I will be leaving': Users react to Elon Musk buying Twitter

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October 05, 2022

There are memes, support, trolling, and much more — like almost every news related to Musk

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A fan illustration. — Twitter/DogecoinTweet

Elon Musk has offered to push through with his buyout of Twitter at the original agreed price, reports said Tuesday, just weeks before the opening of a bitter court case over his effort to withdraw from the deal.

Some Twitter employees were engaged in a company-wide planning process for next year on Tuesday when their phones began buzzing with the news.

One employee described a brief pause in a meeting to note the news, then continuing with discussions.

"I think everyone is used to the drama," said the person. "We're just along for the ride."

The billionaire's fans and followers have also reacted to the U-turn. There are memes, support, trolling, and much more— like almost every news related to Musk.

Some users congratulated him.

An excited fan replaced the "T" on Twitter with Tesla's "T" logo.

Many people said that Musk had "saved free speech" by taking the step. Another predicted that the new CEO of Twitter would be Musk's humanoid robot, Optimus.

Another use jokingly predicted the billionaire would shoot Twitter CEO Agarwal with paintballs after taking over the microblogging platform.

Another user made fun of Musk pointing out how his Tesla needed a better windshield.

Some people did not seem happy, saying they would leave Twitter if Musk took over.

Most users flooded Twitter with memes.

Twitter employees had mixed reactions where some were still skeptical that Musk would ever make good on his offer, after so much uncertainty.

"Wouldn't be surprised if it's a delay tactic to get more time for trial discovery and he'll back out again after a month or something," wrote one employee on Slack.

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