Three people ‘kidnapped for ransom’ recovered from Karachi police station

Men, who were kidnapped, were called to a hotel in North Nazimabad to finalise a deal relating to sale of a rare scorpion

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Friday, March 24, 2023

The picture shows two policemen. — AFP/File

In a shocking incident, the Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) resolved the mystery surrounding a kidnapping for ransom case when they recovered three abducted men from the rooftop of a police station in Karachi on Friday.

According to the AVCC officials, the men were called to a hotel in North Nazimabad to finalise a deal relating to the sale of a rare scorpion. The men were kidnapped when they reached the hotel, the officials added.

The police personnel made ransom calls to the abductees' families and demanded Rs5 million for the release of the men. Following negotiation, the ransom amount was reduced to Rs500,000.

In a bid to get their loved ones released, the families paid Rs400,000 as ransom.

Meanwhile, the victims’ families approached the AVCC and informed the officials about the incident. Taking swift action over the report, the personnel of AVCC conducted a raid at the North Nazimabad police station and recovered the three adducted men from the rooftop of the station.

Subsequently, the AVCC took five people, including two sacked police personnel named Mehbood and Asif, into custody for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping case. The AVCC officials also recovered the ransom amount (Rs400,000) from their possession.

The station house officer (SHO) of the police station has also been demoted. The official said that a case will be registered at the police station in this regard.