Meghan Markle is ‘risking it all’ with her memoir

Royal experts have just voiced some fears surrounding Meghan Markle’s plans for the memoir

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Sunday, September 24, 2023
Meghan Markle is ‘risking it all’ with her memoir

Meghan Markle is allegedly risking massive trouble with her plans for the memoir.

Insights into this have been brought to light by royal expert Christine Ross.

The expert started the conversation off by warning about a potential issue that might arise, in case Meghan Markle was to move forward with her memoir.

The risk is one that relates to her public image, and the damage that could be done to it.

According to Ms Ross, “I think she will struggle to balance what is best for her and her image, and what the publishers want to sell.”

For those unversed, all of this has been brought to light, in response to Meghan’s past endeavors, namely the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan which incurred massive amounts of backlash.

In the docuseries, she and Prince Harry spoke at length about their time within the Royal Family.