Grand Theft Auto 6: From strong female protagonist to new cheat codes, here are 8 things fans are anticipating

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November 21, 2023

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans are anticipating the return of classic cheat codes that add an element of fun and chaos to the game

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The gaming community is abuzz with excitement about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), and while the official details are still under wraps, enthusiasts have their wish lists ready.

Here are eight things gamers are hoping to see in GTA 6.

GTA Online upgrade

Fans desire a more refined and streamlined GTA Online experience, wishing for improved menus, consistent reward structures, and a robust online mode that lives up to the game's immense popularity. The potential of GTA 6's multiplayer is seen as an opportunity for Rockstar to create a flawless online environment.

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Inclusive female protagonist

The leaked information about a female protagonist named Lucia in GTA 6 has raised expectations for a strong and well-written female character. Gamers are eager for a character who contributes meaningfully to the game's satire of American culture without falling into stereotypes.

Official mod support

Modding has always been a significant aspect of GTA, and fans are calling for official mod support in GTA 6. The wish is for Rockstar to provide a suite of modding tools to support streamers and players who enjoy the creativity and variety that mods bring to the game.

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Non-violent, mundane activities

Building on the success of Red Dead Redemption 2's immersive world interactions, gamers hope to see more non-violent and mundane activities integrated into GTA 6. The appeal lies in adding depth to the gameplay, offering players alternatives to the usual chaos and violence.

Euphoria-like NPC interactions

GTA's NPCs have always been a standout feature, and fans are looking for a significant leap in how NPCs react in GTA 6. The desire is for more nuanced and context-aware interactions, creating a more realistic and immersive environment for players.

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Property customisation

A wish for extensive customisation options for properties in GTA 6 reflects a desire to have more control over designing and personalising spaces. This feature, if implemented, could add a new layer of engagement and creativity for players.

Classic cheat codes

Fans are anticipating the return of classic cheat codes that add an element of fun and chaos to the game. The desire for cheat codes to enhance gameplay and provide unique experiences has been a staple in the GTA series.

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More focused open-world

While the hallmark of GTA is its massive open worlds, some fans express a desire for a more focused and less overwhelming experience. The wish is for a deeper, more linear gameplay experience that guides players through the narrative without overwhelming distractions.

As anticipation builds for the official release of GTA 6, these desires reflect the diverse expectations and hopes of the gaming community.


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