LIVE: Spotify Wrapped 2023 offers features for personalised insights — What’s your musical identity?

Spotify users can explore an overview of their top artists, songs, albums, podcasts, and total listening time

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
The new 'Me in 2023' feature reveals which of 12 listening habits best describes the way you approached music throughout the year.—Spotify

The highly anticipated moment for Spotify users has arrived as the Spotify Wrapped 2023 went live, which is an annual feature that allows users to delve into the depths of their musical journey over the past 12 months, exposing both their trendy and perhaps tragic listening habits.

Spotify users can explore a comprehensive overview of their top artists, songs, albums, podcasts, and total listening time.

This year's Wrapped introduces innovative features like 'Sound Towns,' aligning users' profiles with cities that share similar musical tastes.

Accessing your personalised Spotify Wrapped feed is simpler than ever. For mobile app users on iOS or Android, the Wrapped feed is conveniently located on the home screen.

It offers playlists, curated merchandise from favourite artists, and even recommends concerts based on Wrapped data. It's crucial to ensure your app is updated to the latest version to access all the features seamlessly.

For the first time, Spotify desktop and web browser users can also enjoy their personalised Wrapped experience by visiting

New features on Wrapped 2023

This year's Spotify Wrapped introduces several personalised features alongside the traditional top artists, songs, albums, podcasts, and listening minutes.

The 'Me in 2023' feature classifies users into 12 listening characteristics, offering insights into their evolving music preferences.

'Sound Town' is another novel addition, matching users' listening profiles with different geographic regions.

The display of top genres adopts a fresh 'sandwich-inspired' design, illustrating the proportion of time spent on various genres.

Additionally, the favourite artists' display now reveals the peak listening month for each artist, aiming to provide a fuller picture of the entire year.

Revamped older features

Spotify breathes new life into older features like the AI DJ and Blend, integrating them seamlessly with Wrapped 2023.

During the first week post-launch, users can have the AI DJ guide them through their personalised Wrapped playlist, offering commentary on favourite songs, genres, and artists.

The Blend feature allows users to create a collaborative playlist with a friend, combining their individual summaries into a single playlist.

By inviting a friend to create a Blend and selecting the '2023 Wrapped Top Songs' filter, users can merge songs from their respective Wrapped playlists.