WhatsApp allows iOS users to send photos, videos as documents

iOS users will directly be able to send the media without the need to follow multiple steps

Monday, December 04, 2023
The picture shows the logo of WhatsApp. — Unsplash

Meta-owned WhatsApp has announced the much-needed feature for iOS users that would allow them to send media files as a document, WaBetaInfo reported.

According to theWhatsApp news tracker, the feature called "send as a document" is being widely rolled out for all users over the coming weeks.

Users will now be able to send photos and videos as documents while maintaining the original quality of the files. This also allows iOS users to directly send the media without the need to follow multiple steps.

To use this feature, all you need to do is open the chat share sheet, tap "Document" and then "Choose Photo or Video" to send the files in their original quality.

The officialchangelog says that this feature will be available to all users over the coming weeks. Those who install the latestupdate of WhatsApp from the App Store can use the feature.

Recently, WhatsApp submitted a new update for the iOS version, with which comes the feature to allow channel owners to invite new admins.

The enhancement has been designed to grant channel owners advanced administrative control and improved delegation capabilities.

The channel owners will be able to assign administrative privileges to selected contacts for their channels, with the flexibility to invite up to 15 contacts for the role of admin.

However, the designated contact must accept the invitation before obtaining administrative access to the channel.

After accepting the invite, the new admins will have the ability to modify essential channel details, including the name, icon, and description, the WhatsApp news tracker said.