Anthony Polito: UNLV shooting suspect sent letter with 'White Powder' to university before attack

UNLV shooting: Substance sent by Anthony Polito was later deemed harmless, but authorities issued a warning to exercise caution

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Friday, December 08, 2023
The UNLC (L) and Anthony Polito, 67, mailed 22 letters, at least one of them containing a ‘white powder,’ to universities across the US before he opened fire at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (R)—Linkedin/The Sun

UNLV shooting suspect, Anthony Polito, sent 22 letters to various US universities before carrying out the deadly attack at the campus.

At least one of these letters contained a "white powder," prompting heightened security concerns. The substance was later deemed harmless, but authorities issued a warning to exercise caution with letters lacking a return address.

During the investigation, a list of targets, including individuals at UNLV and East Carolina University, and a document resembling a "last will and testament" were discovered in Polito's possession.

The list of targets did not translate into victims, as Polito, a 67-year-old former professor, engaged in a shooting spree at the college campus, killing three and injuring four others.

The motive behind the rampage remains unclear, with indications that Polito, facing financial struggles, acted alone. The shooter had applied to multiple higher education institutions in Nevada but faced rejections, leading to speculations about his frustration.

Polito's disturbing online presence, including conspiracy theories and a chilling website, adds a layer of complexity to understanding the events leading to the tragic incident.