Jonathan Majors assault trial: 'Hard to prove domestic violence'

Experts share views about the assault case of Jonathan Majors

Saturday, December 09, 2023
Jonathan Majors assault trial: 'Hard to prove domestic violence'

Jonathan Majors is under fire for his alleged assault case as the accuser recorded her testimony. But, legal experts point to the difficulties in proving the domestic violence cases.

Lawyer Neama Rahmani told Business Insider, "Domestic violence cases are tough to prove because the violence usually happens behind closed doors and the evidence is usually a 'he said, she said' situation."

She continued, "Independent witnesses or contemporaneous reports to law enforcement and medical personnel are helpful in these cases, especially if the relationship is over and the abuser is arguing that the victim is just a disgruntled ex."

Meanwhile, attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel told the outlet that domestic violence cases "can be complex as communications between the victim and abuser are often difficult for both judges and juries to interpret."

"However, physical injuries, statements, other corroborating witnesses, or prior situations between the two parties where similar conduct occurred can help lend strength to the evidence and support the victim's allegations," she noted.