Princess Charlotte in 'middle' of brothers, knows how to keep in 'good stead'

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February 22, 2024

Princess Charlotte keeps a check on her brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis

Princess Charlotte seemingly knows how to keep her brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis in check.

The Princess of Wales, who is a second born to Prince William and Kate Middleton, is aware of the royal rules and keeps family in check.

Jo Frost, of TV's Supernanny, says Charlotte "knows how to keep everyone in good stead"

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, Ms Frost said: "Charlotte knows the rules. She's the one in the middle. She knows how to keep everyone in good stead. There are moments when I've watched George and he's looked over at his sister, and he's probably annoyed with her one minute and then grateful that she's there being able to remind him of things, when he's taking it all in as well."

Speaking of their upbringing, Ms Frost said: "They're raised with an understanding of royal procedures and protocols. And they're raised to understand, there's a time and a place... They have a lovely balance of that and behind closed doors, no doubt they're playing games and winding each other up as siblings do, teasing each other, having fun and baking cookies and being out in nature."


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