Prince Harry does not ‘stutter' as he talks about future targets

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March 01, 2024

Prince Harry does not miss on enthusiasm as he comes across deeply authentic

Prince Harry is as energetic as before despite his loss with the security battle against the Home Office.

The Duke of Sussex, who currently lives in the US and released a new message appealing for nominations of the WellChild Awards, seemed in his element.

Body languages expert Darren Stanton said: "Whenever Prince Harry is talking about the Invictus Games he comes across as deeply authentic. He's comfortable in his own skin because it's something he can relate to having served as a former soldier. He has a lot of connections with the veterans, both in the UK and America, so it’s something he is deeply passionate about.

"As he's so driven about the cause, he speaks from the heart. He is doing this piece to camera and likely reading an autocue, but he still comes over extremely confident - there are no stutters, pauses or glances away. He is also looking down the lens of the camera, which tells us he feels confident and relaxed whilst speaking about the topic.

"He has great eye contact, pace and he isn’t speeding. When people are feeling nervous or unsure of themselves, the speed of their speech will usually increase or their voice will crack. However, Harry’s tone is consistent and we don’t see any of that."

The expert added: "Harry also displays open-palm gestures and isn't touching his face, indicating nervousness or being unsure. We no longer see him tucking his hand in his jacket for comfort, which he used to do a lot during these types of videos.


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