WATCH: What triggered horses to run amok in London?

In group, there were six soldiers, seven horses

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April 24, 2024

Horses were under training King Charles III’s birthday parade

As many as four people have been injured as a result after five military cavalry horses escaped and ran amok in the streets of the United Kingdom's capital London Wednesday colliding and throwing everything that came in their way, according to BBC.

One of the horses was covered in blood as they were reportedly triggered by a noise from a construction site in Belgravia, forcing them to throw away their riders.

The horses — which belonged to the household cavalry — were under training for a parade as King Charles III’s birthday was approaching in June.

The Army told the BBC that a group of horses and riders from the Household Cavalry were on an extended exercise ahead of a Major General's Inspection, slated for tomorrow in Hyde Park.

In the group, there were six soldiers and seven horses.

The horses collided with traffic in several locations and some ran as far as Limehouse in east London

Authorities in London said that they have recovered all the five horses.

According to the outlet, they caused panic in the city and also collided with vehicles, also shown in several pictures released by the media houses.

Two of them were caught in Limehouse in east London — over five miles from the area where they were triggered.