Northern Lights to return amid strong new solar storms

Another strong solar flare to bring aurora borealis back to skies

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May 18, 2024
Northern Lights to return amid strong new solar storms
Scientists say huge solar storm set to spark Northern Lights again. — Unsplash

If you were left frowning last week because you missed the Northern Lights in the sky then it’s about time that you turn it upside down because they will be back soon.

According to a report by the BBC, scientists have said that since last Saturday, the sun has continued pumping out increased radiation.

Additionally, in around two weeks the huge sunspot cluster that hurled energy and gas towards Earth will rotate back towards the planet.

Scientists believe it will be strong enough to bring back the aurora borealis for another show in the skies.

The report also said that this hyperactive sunspot will not be the last as the sun is approaching the "solar maximum".

This is a point during an 11-year cycle when its activity is strongest and it occurs when the sun’s magnetic poles flip, creating sunspots that fire out material, generating space weather.

This solar cycle will mark the 25th since 1755, when humans started systematically observing sunspots, and it is expected to be stronger than expected.