What does ChatGPT think of Mark Zuckerberg's new style?

Meta CEO made waves with his new style but what do artificial and real fashion experts think about it?

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May 20, 2024
What does ChatGPT think of Mark Zuckerberg's new style?
ChatGPT thinks Mark Zuckerberg's isn't appropriate for a CEO. — Instagram/zuck, Unsplash

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been making waves with a new fashion style, deviating from his traditional t-shirt and jeans look but AI chatbot ChatGPT thinks there's room for improvement.

According to a report by Business Insider, ChatGPT had some fashion tips for the 40-year-old tech billionaire after the outlet asked the OpenAI chatbot powered by its latest GPT-4o to analyse his style based on 10 recent pictures.

The news outlet also asked Reginald Ferguson, men's fashion consultant, the same prompts.

So how did each of them respond?

ChatGPT's fashion tips for Zuckerberg

The report said that ChatGPT suggests Zuckerberg should work on dressing more appropriately for his job running a giant company.

The chatbot said his style can "sometimes appear too relaxed for a CEO" and "smart-casual elements like blazers or stylish jackets" may help him impove his looks.

When asked about the appropriateness of his style, ChatGPT said that the tech billionaire's style is "generally appropriate within the context of the tech industry".

The chatbot also wasn't a fan of Zuckerberg's chain necklace, which it acknowledged as "a personal style statement". However, ChatGPT suggests "opting for more subtle pieces might be more fitting for a CEO."

Fashion exper says Mark Zuckerberg has 'no style'. — Instagram/zuck

Fashion consultant's tips for Meta CEO

Ferguson disagreed with ChatGPT and suggested that Zuckerberg is dressed "appropriately for a CEO of his era and industry."

When asked about the appropriateness of Zuckerberg's style, Ferguson's and ChatGPT's responses matched closely.

Meanwhile, Ferguson believes that Zuckerberg's new necklace choices are "tasteful," unlike ChatGPT.

Zuckerberg's venture into fashion has been the source of viral moments online, especially with his gold chains.

Ferguson said: "He still has no style, but he's trying, and he and his stylist should be applauded for that."