If you consume energy drinks, experts raise alarm for you

After the findings, researchers warn people to consume such beverages in a moderate amount

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June 09, 2024
A representational image of an energy drink. — Pexels

Healthcare experts have highlighted in their new study the increased risk of sudden cardiovascular conditions and diseases for those who use energy drinks, reported Newsweek quoting the study published in the journal Heart Rhythm.

The caffeine-containing beverages are detrimental to people who have heart diseases in their genes as per the experts at the Mayo Clinic.


After the findings, the researchers warned people to consume such beverages in a moderate amount.

Michael J Ackerman, a genetic cardiologist at Mayo Clinic and the lead investigator said: "Although the relative risk is small and the absolute risk of sudden death after consuming an energy drink is even smaller, patients with a known sudden death predisposing genetic heart disease should weigh the risks and benefits of consuming such drinks in the balance."

Ackerman also added that a number of potential factors could have contributed to the sudden cardiac arrests, as well as the energy drinks.

"While there seemed to be a temporal relationship between energy drink consumption and the seven patients' sudden cardiac arrest event, a myriad of potential 'agitators' that could have also contributed to a genetic heart disease-associated arrhythmia occurred, like sleep deprivation, dehydration, dieting or extreme fasting, concomitant use of QT-prolonging drugs, or the postpartum period," the expert said in a statement.

"As such, unusual consumption of energy drinks most likely combined with other variables to create a 'perfect storm' of risk factors, leading to sudden cardiac arrest in these patients."

"Energy drinks are not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, so researching the effects these drinks have on our patients is of utmost importance," Ackerman revealed.