Microsoft Windows addresses security concerns in new AI feature

Here's how Microsoft has changed Windows Recall and how you can work with it without security concerns

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June 10, 2024
Microsoft allows users to turn off Recall. — Microsoft

Micosoft has addressed security concerns in its new AI feature for Windows, called "Recall", regarding which the company received much criticism by tech experts.

The feature, which was announced at the Microsoft Build 2024 developer conference in Seattle, would enable users to search through the history on the PC and find anything from a document or a message.


The new feature saves images of your desktop every few seconds, scan and analyse them with the help of AI, then make that data searchable using natural language, according to Tom's Guide.

Following the announcement, experts raised concerns that this feature may jeopardise the users’ security.

Therefore, Microsoft is making some changes before this feature is rolled out with Copilot Plus PCs, set to be launched on June 18.

Microsoft had originally planned to turn Recall on by default, but the company now says it will offer the ability to disable the controversial AI-powered feature during the setup process of new Copilot Plus PCs.

"If you don’t proactively choose to turn it on, it will be off by default," says Windows chief Pavan Davuluri.

How to turn off Windows Recall?

Turning off Windows Recall is quite straightforward.

Step 1 — Open the Settings app.

Step 2 — Navigate to Privacy & Security > Recall & snapshots.

Step 3 — Turn off the toggle next to Save snapshots and you should be free of security concerns linked to Recall.

If you want to delete all the snapshots that Recall have been saved on your PC, you can do that in the same menu by clicking the Delete all snapshots button.