Apple unveils cutting-edge AI features for users at WWDC 2024

Here's every new AI feature Apple announced at WWDC 2024 for its iPhone and Mac

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June 11, 2024
Apple CEO Tim Cook attends the annual developer conference event at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California, US, June 10, 2024. — Reuters

Apple unveiled its much-awaited artificial intelligence overhaul at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 on Monday.

At the event, the phone-making giant announced some interesting AI features as part of its deal with Sam Altman's OpenAI.


These AI features, set to be rolled this fall, will be available only on the iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max and iPads or Macs with M1 or later chips and will start rolling out in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, according to The Verge.

Here's every AI feature Apple has up its sleeve for this fall.

AI Smart Siri

Apple said its AI features will perform actions between apps, manage notifications, automatically write and summarise text, and allow users to change the tone of writing with a prompt.

These features can also reference one app to execute an action in another, such as asking it to play a podcast your partner sent you.

Siri will have "onscreen awareness," so it can understand what users are asking and "take action with users' content in more apps over time," working in both Apple and third-party apps.

Users will also be able to type to Siri, not just talk.

Apple's 'Genmoji'

Apple will roll out "Genmoji," which will generate emoji-like reactions on the go so that when users can't find the one they want, they can just have it created for them by AI.

Additionally, the Photos app will be getting AI.

Users can already search for objects pictured in their library, but they can also search for things like a person who is doing cartwheels. It also added features to erase a person from a photo.

ChatGPT powered by GPT-4o

Apple said that ChatGPT, powered by GPT-4o, will come to iOS, macOS, and iPadOS as a chatbot that Siri can turn to when it’s not able to do what users ask.

It will ask users' permission before it sends questions, documents, or photos to ChatGPT and that, after it responds, Siri will present its answers to the user.

The company also says ChatGPT will be available to use in its systemwide AI writing tools, can be used to generate images, and that it obscures IP addresses.