What new features is WhatsApp introducing to improve video calls?

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta making useful improvements to WhatsApp video calls

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June 15, 2024
This Meta’s promotional image about its updates to WhatsApp video calls. — Meta

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta recently announced that WhatsApp will soon be getting a flurry of updates to improve its video call feature, according to The Verge.

Although the instant messaging app'svideo calling functionality already has several essential features, it is getting three more features that will transform users' experience.


Here are all three features coming to WhatsApp in the next few weeks.

Support for up to 32 people in video calls

One of the new features will enable WhatsApp to support up to 32 people on a video callon Mac and Windows.

Currently, Android and iOS users are able toadd 32 people to a call.

However, while using WhatsApp for Windows, users could onlyadd only 16 people to the call and eight when usingWhatsApp for Mac.

The new feature will change that by enabling WhatsApp’s Windows and Mac apps to support adding up to 32 people on a video call.

Screen sharing with audio

Currently, WhatsApp users are able to share their device's screen on a video call but without the audio of the video being shared.

However, one of the new features coming to WhatsApp's video calls allows users to share their device’s screen on a video call as well as the shared video's audio.

Speaker spotlight

Lastly, another feature coming to WhatsApp is that it now highlights the speaker (the person who is speaking) in a video call.

During a video call, the video feed of the person speaking will appear first in the carousel of video feeds and will be surrounded by a white outline.