Kate Middleton cancer type: Doctor shares new shocking details

Cancer Specialist reveals type and other details about Kate Middleton’s cancer

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June 21, 2024
Kate Middleton cancer type: Doctor shares new shocking details

A cancer specialist has disclosed shocking details about Kate Middleton’s cancer just months after the Princess announced the news of her diagnosis.

Speaking on The Royal Record podcast, the doctor shared insights into the Princess of Wales’ cancer treatment following her major appearance at Trooping the Colour.

During a conversation with Digital Royal Editor Svar Nanan-Sen and Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker, cancer specialist Karol Sikora claimed Kate’s cancer is ‘somewhere in the abdomen.’

Further updating about Kate’s condition, Sikora said, "It's a time of uncertainty. She's obviously had an operation for cancer, we were asked not to speculate what it was but it was somewhere in the abdomen.”

"It was an abdominal operation,” she added. “She's having preventative chemotherapy, which is usually given for six months. The reason preventive, we call it adjuvant chemotherapy, is given is to reduce the risk of the disease returning.”

"So any cells that may have spread there's nothing to see on the scans. But if we think there's a risk of the disease returning, we give adjuvant chemotherapy."

The expert was then asked if Kate claiming that she has "she has good and bad days" was correct, to which the cancer specialist revealed, "The actual day of the treatments are usually not too bad.”

"The day after you feel very tired and then it's very unpredictable,” he added.