Insider report reveals who's real Swiftie in royal family

Sources point to Princess Charlotte to be a 'huge' Swiftie in the royal family

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June 25, 2024
Insider report reveals who's real Swiftie in royal family

Prince William and his kids had a good time at Taylor Swift's recent London show, but the person who was over the moon there was Princess Charlotte, as sources reveal her to be a "huge" Swiftie.

"Princess Charlotte is the huge Taylor Swift fan in the family. She has wanted to go to the concert for months, but with her mum being treated for cancer, this was a really special day to be able to celebrate her Papa's birthday like this," the insiders spill the bean.

Despite the Prince of Wales shaking his leg during the concert, the source told ET that, in fact, it was Charlotte who had enjoyed the most.

"Charlotte absolutely loved [the concert]," adding, "They are really wonderful children. William and Kate have done a fantastic job raising all three of them. They understand and appreciate how lucky they are meeting someone like Taylor Swift."

Kide Middleton, meanwhile, did not join the family at the show, leaving William to be the only parent there for the kids.

He "is focused on his wife and children right now. He really just wanted it to be a special night for Prince George and Princess Charlotte," after an insider close to him reacted to his viral dancing video.