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Tuesday Aug 16, 2016

Boxer Amir willing to fight India’s Vijender Singh

KARACHI: Former world champion Amir Khan has expressed willingness to fight with India’s Vijender Singh, in an attempt to promote professional boxing culture in Pakistan.

Talking to media in Karachi, Amir said that a professional bout between a Pakistani and Indian boxer would be something everyone would love to watch.

“See, it is always amazing to see Pakistan versus India in cricket, everyone follows it. Imagine a Pakistan versus India in boxing. It will be something everybody would love,” Amir said.

“I am in talks at the moment with a couple of people, there is a boxer in India called Vijender Singh and there is a lot of talk about him and me fighting one day. It will be a great match,”

Amir, however, hinted that it will be possible only after January next year as he is recovering from a hand operation.

“I had a hand operation, I had to fix my hand, I will be back in the ring in January and In May I will go for the title,” he added.

Talking about a possible match with Vijender Singh, who had earlier challenged Amir Khan for a fight, the former world champion said that Vijender is a little boy for him.

“It could happen, there is so much talk about this fight, all over India people are talking about it.”

“I think, I am couple of level above Vijender, I am a better fighter, I am more experienced and I am world champion while he is not at the world level yet and he called me for a fight to be fought which I thought was a little disrespectful, but it is okay, as boxing is a business and sometimes people want to fancy their chances,” said Amir.

Meanwhile, Amir also praised Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef for his efforts for bringing peace in Pakistan.

“I met him a couple of days ago and presented him my championship belt because I believe that he deserved it,” Amir said.

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